Trip Tip #3 - Pack Like Madam Secretary

Like me, you may be a huge fan of Tea Leoni in Madam Secretary. You may be a big fan of the woman currently running for US President who was formerly called "Madam Secretary." And/or, you may be a globe-circumnavigating travel connoisseur of how to just do it ("it" being "travel"...such a big part of the whole Secretary of State gig) the right way. 

Whether you are an international voyager or an aspiring inveterate vagabond, Madeleine Albright (another former Madam Secretary) is spot-on in the quote above. We like the quote so much we consider it part of Mata Morrow's travel wear credo. 

Go with a open-mind. That part can only be improved on by going with a bit of homework under your belt. Go with a sturdy carry-on, or "never pack more than you can carry." This part makes it all the easier to grab the brass ring of an unexpected carousel, with no concerns dragging you down - worried where you're stowing the steamer trunk you schlepped. And last - bring care-free clothes. You'll feel better, and when we feel better, we look our best.

Thanks, Madam Secretary, for the worldly words of counsel. We'll see you on the road.