Let me hear it - Last Saturday Survey

Have feelings about your clothing's construction? Take the survey now.

Give us your Words!

Give us your Words!

Questions can be seen below, but you'll need to click the link for us to get your input.

How important is it to you that your clothing is constructed in the USA? *

  •  1 - Very Important
  •  2 - Somewhat important
  •  3 - A consideration before fabric content
  •  4 - A consideration after fabric content
  •  5 - A consideration before price
  •  6 - A consideration after price
  •  5 - Of very little consequence
  •  Other: 

How important is it to you that the fabric used in your clothing is produced in the USA? *

  •  1 - Very important
  •  2 - Somewhat important
  •  3 - A consideration before those of domestic construction
  •  4 - A consideration after those of domestic construction
  •  5 - A consideration after that of price
  •  6 - A consideration after that of price
  •  7 - Of little consequence.
  •  Other: 

How important are trends to you in your clothing purchases? *

  •  1 - Very important. I want my look to reflect styles of the current season.
  •  2 - Somewhat important. I want my look to be on trend within the most recent year.
  •  3 - A consideration only after it passes the "It's my style" test
  •  4 - A consideration only after it passes the "It's a classic" test
  •  5 - Very rarely or Never a consideration
  •  Other: 

As always, thanks for your time and thoughts. 

Love, Lula

Lula Flann Last Saturday Survey

    Scene Stealer - Cherry Picking Settings

    I love this image of Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront Park. I see runners, cyclists, dog-walkers and book readers. I see myself and my friends in this frame, even though we were not there when the shot was taken. I know we have reveled in glorious days at this very spot, though, as have other Portlanders and visitors from around the world. If you're sitting on that bank, you're probably also taking in a good view of Mt. Hood in the distance. Nice, eh.

    Writers are often asked where their inspiration originates. When I first saw this picture, I knew I wanted to capture in words this very vignette. When you read Button Up and meet the characters Eva and Seamus during their picnic with Mata, you'll know the exact inspiration for the scene. The ornamental cherries are out in full force. It is ridiculously, truly beautiful.

    Photographer Namascar Shaktini has taken to traveling the state, recording many more ridiculously wonderful sights. Keep an eye out for her name on this and future photo postings. We love being able to share these settings of the Mata Morrow mystery series with you. Cheers to springtime, flowering trees and budding inspiration.

    Moving on Monday

    I mentioned this before - we're getting very close to publication date. In fact, my partner in crime is sitting across from the table from me as I write, securing our first Copyright. She's madly checking items off her project management list. Can you see her?! Yay! Cheers! Huzzah!

    As Buckled Down is heading out for launch, however, her younger sib Button Up will begin the rounds of editorial review by this weekend. 

    You will see a number of the core characters as you've met in Buckled...the book group (with a couple old members moving on to new pursuits and a couple of new members stepping into different roles), Mata of course, and Eliot, the youngest of the Remarkables. 

    Button Up includes explorations from Portland's neighborhoods through Oregon Wine Country and along the winding roadways of one of Oregon's signature annual bike rides, the Pioneer Century. How do we feel about progress on all the #LulaFlann works, ongoing and upcoming?

    Dahlia Farm, near the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway

    Yup. Pretty #groovy.