Scene Stealer - Laurelhurst Park

Can you see Mata and her book group potlucking beside this path? I sure can. In Buttoned Up, the group's selection for the Middlemarch discussion takes place alongside a communal nosh in Laurelhurst Park, one of the city's finest outdoor destinations. Dog, kid, community and writer-friendly, it's also host to free Shakespeare in the Park on summer nights.

Photo Courtesy Instagrammer CuddleUpToMe

Photo Courtesy Instagrammer CuddleUpToMe

As Portland grows ever-larger and travelers to the Pacific Northwest visit and re-visit this diverse landscape, I'm reminded again to be grateful for the planners, bureaucrats, voters, and tax payers of the past and present who have had the foresight to carve these precious spaces out of the cityscape. I appreciate the "Friends of..." orgs who shoulder the additional responsibilities of stewardship that well-loved places require to thrive into the future. Whether you're a lone-walker a lit-loving woman who wants to parse Victorian and present-day pathways of love with friends, Laurelhurst Park's landscape welcomes you.

Highsmith - Criminally good

Expectations are running high here with the November 20 release of Carol. We expect to see drop-dead period clothing and crackling chemistry between Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, but the sharp end of our interest lies in the resurgence of notice in author Patricia Highsmith. 

The Bechdel clip offers a fine peer review of PH's strength in psychological detailing. I've added "The Blunderer," as well as the recent "The Talented Miss Highsmith" to my MUST READ shelf. 

Do you have a personal favorite character from these uneasy tales?