Cover to Cover

I'm nearing the homestretch on the first Mata Morrow Mystery. This includes half-dozen re-writes and - yes! - one more round of editing. One of the easiest bits of this literary birthing process has been the cover design. I spent an entire morning (maybe it was more than an entire morning...the time, it does run away) researching the specifics of book cover designs. Once we determined that a high-quality book cover was well beyond the scope of our graphic skills, I delved deeper into the non-DIY basics. How does one find the skilled talent with a compatible temperament within the budget?


Google Search, Hire-an-Artist (more about this in a later post), the ever-popular Word of Mouth were all alleys I traveled down. LinkedIn, though, was the resource that led me to Heidi Sutherlin of She even lives in Oregon, which was frosting on the cupcake as Oregon is virtually a character - a major player, in fact - in the Mata Morrow series.

I reached out to Heidi and she reached right back. I gave her lots of cryptic directions such as, "I'd like to use a color palette that mirrors this..." accompanied by a photo of crazy chrysanthemums. "Portland figures prominently in Buckled Down, with Old Town, the White Stag Building and a book group serving as key elements." I love how quickly and absolutely she got what I worked to convey. 

I'm including a first draft of Heidi's book cover here on the blog. You can see the final version of that on the "Books" page. I can't wait for you to read what's inside!