InQueery Queries with 7 Rivers LGBTQ Connection

The Lula Flann crew is on the road to Wisconsin, where we¹ll arrive just
in time for the Women¹s Final Four, the reading at the 7 Rivers LGBTQ
Connection and of course - all the buzz about the Wisconsin vote.
In advance of each of those auspicious events, we caught up with Cindy Killion,
newly-returned Board member of the Center. Here¹s a peak at that

LF - Cindy, thanks so much for the invitation to join the group on Monday
evening to talk about indie publishing and the Mata Morrow Mystery
series. Wisconsin is looking at a big week ahead politically, eh?

CK - Yepper. Tuesday is Wisconsin¹s presidential primary so we¹ve been
inundated with presidential candidates and their campaigns. We¹ve had
three candidates visit La Crosse and the immediate area: John Kasich was
here Monday, Hillary Clinton was here Tuesday and Bernie Sanders was here
Wednesday. We haven¹t seen or heard anything from the Trump campaign
although he was in the eastern portion of the state last week. He was in
Pual Ryan¹s hometown of Janesville then moved on to Milwaukee and Green
Bay, where I think he made his remarks about punishing women who get
"illegal" abortions.
LF - Could you tell me a bit about the history of 7 Rivers LGBTQ Connection? How long it¹s been around, how many community members you serve, some of the recent programming that you¹re really proud of?
CK - I¹m proud to say the Center has been around for 12 years. It serves 13 counties in the La Crosse region including some in Minnesota and northern Iowa. One of the things of which I¹m proud (and I am one of the founding mothers) is the fact that the Center, with the help of grants and area businesses, was able to hire a full-time executive director two years ago. Jackson, our executive director, has been able to begin fulfilling the vision we had for the Center 12 years ago including increasing our visibility and being a partner with community businesses.
LF - And what¹s on the slate for the upcoming year? What kind of outreach is the Board currently working on?
CK - Our priority is fundraising, as it is every year since the Center is a non-profit, so we¹re working toward establishing a signature event that, hopefully, will attract others from outside the LGBTQ community. We are participating in GiveOUT Day on May 19 - the only national day of giving for the LGBTQ community. And, of course, our annual Pride celebration in September is one of the largest events we host. Our largest community event is the annual gala for the LGBTQ community that is held in conjunction with Halloween. Some of our other Outreach efforts include a variety of speaking engagements and working the medical community on LGBTQ issues.
LF - Thanks, Cindy. We look forward to meeting folks from La Crosse. I know it will be a fun evening. 
Cindy Killion, 7 Rivers LGBTQ Connections Board Member
Join us for InQueery on Monday, April 4. We'll have supper at 5:30 p.m., followed by the reading/discussion at 7 p.m. The evening will take place at a lovely tapas bar down on the river. See you there!
Where: 4 Sisters, 100 Harborview Plaza Suite 100, La Crosse
When: April 4th, 5:30pm

Those wanting to attend only the reading/discussion are welcome – the program will begin at 7 p.m.

Please RSVP by Sunday, April 3rd, to or call The Center at 608-784-0452.