In the Weeds Wednesday

My queendom for reasonable runway spectacles. Not the Warby Parker kind, either. With Fashion Week and new collections almost upon us, I'm on the lookout for eye-catching togs that don't make me wince at the thought of walking down the street in a garb that looks to be made of candy wrappers and dental floss. That's no way to strut your stuff.

Here in Portland just last month we were treated to the Alley 33 fashion event, lauded for the display of locally-designed duds that can be purchased on premises. Lula was out of town at the Coast that weekend, but she read the articles and saw the photographic evidence. She is now following all the afore-mentioned designing women in the social sphere. Guilty pleasure (like museum-going and listening to endless and useless, "I like this but I didn't like that" interior snark) makes we want to ask: Of the garments modeled that day, what would YOU wear? And where would you wear it? 

I loved a number of the nighties, and that Moonchilde red and black number. But - did I mention? I was in Manzanita, able to ponder from afar the mystery of women and what we wear.