Let me Hear it @ Last Saturday Survey

Thanks for taking part in this fashion fact-finding survey series. Buckle Down's heroine, Mata Morrow, designs a specific and sensational line of travel wear. Travel wear that will get you on the road with flare and without stress. All input is considered and appreciated.

1. What is the one article of clothing in your closet you currently most value?

2. Describe a most-fondly recalled spring/summer garment from your past.

- When did you own it? 
- What was the garment?
- What was the fabric?
- How did it make you feel?
- Any additional information you'd like to share

3. What is the one ensemble you wish you had, but don't.

4. Where do you usually buy your clothing (top 3... list brands, brick & mortars or online venues)

5. What qualities make for a positive shopping experience. 

Each survey submitted gives you an opportunity to receive a downloadable copy of Buckled Down on your e-reader of choice. Email your responses to info@lulaflann.com

As always, thanks for your time and thoughts.



Lula Flann - Last Saturday Survey