Trade Secrets - What Blows My Skirt Up

Yesterday I sent a "Hail Mary" note to Karen Canady of Bike Girl Bloomers. We'd met her briefly when she was in Portland this summer. My partner purchased the polka-dot bloomers with purple skirt and has worn the set proudly on a number of bike-commuter occasions since acquiring them. While D. was in the dressing room, I struck up a conversation with Karen on the sales floor. That conversation ultimately motivated me to begin an investigation of what garment-making resources are available in our neighboring state of California. Useful stuff as we create our line of travel clothing! This was my reach out:

"Karen! We will be attending the LA Textile show later this month, as I have long aspired to design a travel-clothing line. Meeting you and understanding what you have been able to do, in part by sourcing local talent, prompted me to look into what kinds of networking and education might be available on the West Coast.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.57.41 AM.png

If, by any chance, you have plans to attend the show (Sep 28-30), we wold love to take you out for a beverage and learn more about your business. We are in Oregon, could it be otherwise?...but cycling clothing is not my specific area of interest, other than from that of wearer! From a functional perspective, however, I believe we have something in common. With Bike Girl Bloomers, you ave created garments providing utility, fun and style. I share those same goals in the development of my travel clothing line. Please let us know...." Etcetera.

I'm excited to see what comes of this. Stay tuned!